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PowerMe Cable can turn any mobile device into a power bank.
Plug it into any device and it's ready to charge your phone.

It just works.

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PowerMe Cable will be available from July.
Follow us to stay updated and be the first among your friends to own the PowerMe Cable!

Turn any device into a power source.

Throw away your power bank! It's heavy, bulky and needs to be charged for no purpose at all.
Bring with you devices you really need, and transfer their battery juice if you need to.

Sync on the go.

Transfer any file directly, from phone to phone. Share with your friends last night's photos without reaching your computer or waste your precious data plan!

Always with you.

PowerMe Cable can snap into your keyring and it's ready to follow you everywhere.
You never know when you need it. PowerMe it's always with you, just in case.

Old never dies.

Sometimes you're just sitting at your desk, working at your laptop, and you have a USB plug available.
PowerMe Cable comes with an adapter that allows you to plug it into your computer or wall charger, and charge your microUSB or lightning device like you're used to.